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Morning depart by SMAC small flight for Gunung Sitoli, Nias. In 1 hour flight, arrive at Binaka Airstrip. Transfer to Gunung Sitoli for lunch. After lunch, transfer to Teluk Dalam that lies at th Southern tip of Nias Island. dinner and accommodation at the hotel in Teluk Dalam.

After breakfast, a day tour visiting Bawomataluo, meaning sun hill, to see the remnant of the megalithic culture and the typical houses of the Nias Tribe, the traditional stone jumping on a square in front of the King's house. The tour also included visit to Hilisimaetano and Orahili. Lunch will be served en route at restaurant. dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

After breakfast, depart for Gunung Sitoli with enroute visit other typical village of the tribe of the Northern Nias. Lunch enroute. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel in Gunung Sitoli.

After breakfast, transfer to Binaka Air Strip. Depart by SMAC flight for Medan. Tour ended on arrival in Medan.

2 Persons War Dance Additional Single Supplement
US$ 950.00 US$ 355.00 US$ 375.00
Price is per person except war dance is per dance.
Price includes
Accommodation based on twin sharing, 3 x breakfast, 3 x lunch and 3 x dinner, sightseeing transfers and tours with AC minivan, Guide, entrance, parking, donation fees, Stone jumping performance, Return Airfares Medan-Gunung Sitoli-Medan with SMAC Air Service.
Price excludes Airport taxes, personal expenses and others are not mentioned above.
Accommodation provided Teluk Dalam in simple Lodge (non stars)
Gunung Sitoli at Miga Beach (non stars)

NIAS HAS BEEN DEVASTATED BY TSUNAMI ON SUDAY 09.00 WIB 26 DECEMBER 2004 OF 8.9 RICHTER SCALE EARTH QUAKE WHICH KILLED 228.000 PERSON INCLUDING ACEH PROVINCE, AND NORTH WEST BEACHES OF NORTH SUMATRA AND THE WEH ISLAND. AS A RESULT NIAS COULD NOT BE VISITED UNTIL THE TIME IT IS RECOVERED. SECOND QUAKE ON 28 MARCH 2005 OF 7.5 RICHTER SCALE HAS KILLED AT LEAST 8.000 PEOPLE OF NIAS AND LEFT HUNDREDS HOMLESS AND INJURED. The beautiful island and it's people in Nias has been put in trial by the nature despite the fact that their life from beginning has been very difficult only based on the sea product managed traditionally and also their farming is not favourable. This is real an irony of the nature that giving people the missery unlimited for their burden. It is the same as what has happened in Aceh. Aceh people is the most obedient Moslem to the god ( Allah ) in the world. Might be they need to review what they have been so far.

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The principle population of North Sumatra is the Batak. They have their own dialect, tradition, and history. The most interesting from Batak land is Batak house is called "Uma" or "Jabu" Toba, which shows they have same root with Balinese and other Indonesian ethnics. The Uma or Jabu is built on many wooden poles, but do not as high as those house on stilt on the islands. Their wooden board wall is made sloping, with roof made of palm black fibres. The size around 10 to 10 meters elongated east-west orientation. Doors are constructed on the west and east sides at Karo and Simalungun, while at Toba entrance is from the roof, and on the west and east side of the house have high caps the place to put buffalo horns. The peak of the house is made half circle. At Karo there is an ayo beside on Uma. An ayo is decorated with geometric ornamentations with colors red, white, yellow and black. On the right and left are put sculptures, human head or lion's head sculptures. The wall is tied with rope made of black palm fibre to look like lizard. A typical aspect of Karo house which can not be found at other Batak houses is the bamboo terrace constructed at the front of the house as the place of the girl to meet with youth for a visit. A Batak house in general is a home for more than one families connected on genealogy, only in Toba that a house is for big families, as they live in virilocal system. In general the Batak live as farmer, grow rice with irrigation system, except at Karo and Simalungun there are still working at dry land by clearing and burn forest. At the dry land the owner of the land is the Kuta or huta, they have the right on the land, but there also land owned individually, for example what is called panjaean land, which is given to their son after his marriage as the capital for their life while pauseang land is the land given to a daughter after her marriage with same purpose as Panjaean.