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A half day tour of 5 hours, starting from airport or any hotel within the city of Yogyakarta proceed directly to Prambanan Hindu temple to see the most beautiful Hindu temple in Java. The start can be any time, yet the best is start at around 10 am, so the tour can stop at local restaurant to enjoy meal with Javanese tastes. This tour also include visit to Then, drive to Kalasan temple, stop off at the two - storey Sari temple. After visiting Prambanan temple, head for Plaosan temple. From Banyunibo temple continued to the ruin palace of Ratu Boko.

The architecture of the temple showing similarity of the architecture of temple in India from 7th century. This is the biggest Hindu temple out side Bali which is still have small number of observers around Yogyakarta city and southern area of the district. The beauty of the temple has made local people connected the history of the construction of the temple with the beautiful master of south sea Nyi Roro Kidul. It is said that the goddess is so beautiful and had made one of the prince really mad of falling love. Nyi Roro Kidul could accept the love if the price could build a thousand candis ( temple ) in a night. Beside that visitor can see thousands of small candis in bad condition around the are of the temple. After lunch visiting Yogyakarta city tour visiting Sultan Royal Palace, Water castle (Taman Sari), Ngasem Bird Market, Batik Home Industry. Then direct transfer to airport for your next destination.

Rate Per Person Minimum Participant Lunch
US$ 60.00 2 Persons included

One of the Prince of Yogyakarta was made of falling love with the Goddess of the south Sea. The goddess only accept the Prince love if he can build for her a thousand candis ( temples ) within a night, and the prince with his magical knowledge happy to welcome the temptation. He then started to build the candis, and just minutes toward the wake up the cock around 04.00 with it's typical song of morning call, the nymphs was so worry that the prince would be able to fulfill his curse and she soon wake up the cock to sing of morning call, and the prince just less only one candi to fulfill a thousand candis. So the prince now fail to merry the goddess of the south and only make the sculpture of the goddess and put on the main niche of the temple which is now known as the slender virgin. The myth of the South Sea goddess until now is become the secret of the Palace of Sultanate of Yogyakarta, as every year there is a ceremony for the goddess, and was believed one of the Price ever truly married with her and giving strong power to the kingdom. This sculpture is actually the depiction of Dewi Tara a myth of Shiva spouse who practice the magic. So Prambanan temple is basically the worship of Shivaite sectarian.

Licence No. 256/pariwisata/2001
Jl. Trenggana no 81 A Denpasar 80238 Bali
Phone +62-361-463448, 463447, 464054 Fax +62-361-463447
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An inscription issued in 856 AD mentioned about inauguration of a holy construction for God Shiva, among which is also mentioned the name of a king His Majesty Jatiningrat or Rakai Pikatan. Rakai Pikatan was said struggling against Bala Putra Dewa whom he at last was able to subdue and the kingdom was given to His Majesty Dyah Pitaloka or identified as Rakai Kayuwangi 851 - 852 AD. The inscription also mentioned the construction of a dwarapala, a drainage system on the temple and the river's current replacement down to the side of Prambanan temple yard. See more