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A full day tour visiting Kerta Gosha, the ancient house of justice. This was constructed in 18th century by the highest king of Bali. Traditional punishment of the lawless action is depicted on the ceiling of the pavilion. Besakih temple located on the foot of the highest mountain in Bali that is Mount Agung. The temple is consist of 18 complexes as the reflection of the mixed believes between Indian Hindu and Balinese ancestors worship. You have to walk from parking area to the temple, and for the active person it can take one and quarter hour. Tenganan village which residents is originated from first or second migration that entered Bali. They maintain a unique tradition such as gringsing double ikat (double weaving) cloth, palm leave writing and some family utensils. Goa Lawah is a temple on the mouth of a cave. The cave is believed to go though up to Besakih temple, but none so far dare enough to prove this. On the mouth of the temple are hanging hundreds of fruits bats. Lunch will be served at popular restaurant in Bukit Jambul (Puri Boga Restaurant) offering Chinese and Indonesian food.
Duration 9 hours
Good time 08.30 17.30

Rate Per Person Minimum Participant 20 - Up persons
US$ 35.00 2 Persons US$ 25.00

Besakih temple located on the foot of highest mountain of Bali, Mount Agung. The temple has around 17 temple complexes with more or less 250 shrines in all the temple complexes. This become the biggest temple in Bali. Almost all Balinese praying to the temple, since in the course of history, the kingdom of Klungkung is considered the highest kingdom in Bali. Each kingdom in Bali developed 3 basic temples, first dedicated and located on the sea, second located on the city or near the palace, and the third is on the mountain. So basically each kingdom managed 3 temples, dedicated to the sea, city, and mountain. In the past Besakih temple was probably mountain temple, as in the center of Klungkung city there is already a big temple as state temple located in the city, just on the side of famous Kerta Gosha ancient court house of justice. Tenganan village is around 20 kms away from Klungkung city located in the lowland protected two mountain walls as the protection of the assaulters in the past. The location is very strategic in the view of conflict between groups. Today Tenganan Pegringsingan village is known as one of the popular tour visit to East Bali with their traditional gringsing cloth and handicraft of writing on the palm leaves and weaving.

Bali island with Balinese people is a unique cultural unit with long history of Indian influence. The combination of nature beauty and old age tradition is a huge interest for people not only for those from modern world but also he comparable culture to see and feel the atmoshphere. The culture and religion being observed by Balinese have been nurturing the creativity in art and nature's preservation. Yet sill for the future there is a great challenge thus come from the people speakers that do not understand the impact of some important regulations inherited from the past. For some informations on the island and it's culture we publish small articles on Bali covering various aspects of life and history.

What is actually the main attraction of Bali island that have made the island is well known world wide? If we see from the beginning of Bali as tourist destination it has always been mentioned about the culture. Yet the undersanding of culture as already approved by anthropologist to enable them simplifying their scientific analysis is a concept to refer the 3 aspects of human life that covered the wholeness. One is the way of thinking, the action and the result. This definition would be suitable in this case to discuss about the factors that making bali is well known. It is from the ideal aspect of Balinese that reflecting in daily life and their material culture that making Bali interesting for the outside world. Yet one thing is preponderant such as thousand of temples, rituals, ancients heritages, dance, music, painting, carving, clothing, social interaction, and many more. These cultural aspects of Balinese have been the most interesting for those modern world, because for modern world they do not know and even see how their ancestors also was having the same spirit as Balinese does. See more

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The island of Bali has been so popular for its unique culture as well as its beautiful nature. The combination between culture and nature has been the special mark of the island. Sight seeing tours have always combining these 3 aspects of the interests, but culture is more dominant choices for travelers coming anywhere in the world. Various tour packages have been created to cover the most interesting places to visit. One of the most important is the heritages from the past such as monuments, traces of ancient arts, daily life, architecture, dances, carvins, paintings and even various art creativeness including handicrafts. While vantages of nature such as beautiful beaches, brathaking view of mountains and lakes, and man made rice terraces are of the most memorable aspects of traveling to the island. Various daily packaged sightseeing tours are available for booking on the desk of every tour counters both in hotels or in special places such as shopping areas, public places and airport. How to get the real of Bali today, that would be an interesting exploration to be done. Make sure what you are planning to see then you get that one, so you need to consult the real person who by her/his heart love the island, not just of business. Good luck.