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Indonesia Thiousand Islands, a country consists of more then 13.000 islands, and 2 million wide of land and 5 million including sea.
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Bamboo Bag is one of the most developed handicraft on the island of Bali. The local art. The type of bamboo handicraft can be found in Bali are various type of basketry, bamboo furniture, bamboo partitioners, bamboo mats, bambbo lamp shade and still many others.
Bamboo Furniture is one of the best craftmenship of Balinese. Various types of bamboo furniture from inner decor to the garden furnitures, pure decorative items are made by the artist of Bali. One village of Bali even already well known in the world of their fine bamboo works.
Bed Cover is one of the clothing art of Bali which is made and crafted by local artists with excellent quality. Their design can be adjusted to the new ideas given to be applied to the surface of the bed cover. The type of bed cover varies from single to double and with thin duvet inside the bed cover.
Kite Handicraft which is inspired by the articulous spirit of Balinese artists they also make flying kites with beautiful pictures and making the kites such as flying animals. Their design includes birds, fox, butterflies, and fairy tale animals.

Bali Handicraft in History The production of handicrafts in Bali was initiated by the existence of fine arts such as wood carving, stone scupture, painting and decorative art for architecture of house oand offering. These arts have been produced very long times ago in Bali. The oldest plastic art of stone estimated from 8th century which production has been continued until now without intermittent time. Historical researches found it was also including materials such as copper and bronze. House and temple architecture also got very important part to be made in the presentation of beauty. We can still see the creations of the past from simple rock cut Candis or temple to middle age temples almost all over Bali. It is a pity that people house can not stand on weather long time. So we do not have proof from people house, yet ethnographyc study assure us that Balinese house also got art work. The most striking to the eyes is the middle age fast development of offering art, from small nietly cut palm leaf, cookies, to symbols of gods and goddesses express the strong spirit of art. Since Balinese choose to live according to the mixed way of Hindu and local tradition, the division of works has been vaguely appear from the beginning such as indicated by the Catur Dharma life choice of Hindu. As a result a certain degree of inter dependency had been existing in production system of Balinese. That is why all field of works continue to live without worrying of income. Painter will work for life, wooden statue artists will get work for life, stone sculpture artists will dedicated his life for the creation oand son on. Yet during that time indeed work was not oriented for capital system, yet most in the sense of dedication to the art and friendship. With the development of Bali as tourist destination these arts are given new meaning, that is commercial. With the outspread of Balinse traditional art works, has invited dealers of art products to visit Bali and promoted their arts work. Now Balinese art entering international stage with this situation the flow of ideas from outside Bali was to great. It is not only on pure arts, but also semi art, handicraft and foreign fine art or ethnic art. Various art exchange has born the increasing number of handicraft production for commercial purposes. New and younger artist or non artist got new place in the mass production of handicrafts and semi art products. Initiated by handicraft wholesaler such as Garuda Bali, FA Siadja, FA Barong and others, the production and traffic of handicraft to and from Bali more and more grew bigger. If we see the materials for handicrafts, it s not ony from wood, but there are enhanced use of local materials for roducing handicrafts. What were before unvaluable, now after put in a decorative craft work become an art, and what was wastes before now expensive items of handicrafts. The product of handicraft in Bali are mostly local in materials and ideas but got inspiration from outside. This acculturation between foreign ideas with local ideas has born a unique handicraft with unlimited variations. This is the value of Balinese artists who are able to turn valueless materials into a value that is rarely possible by other areas.

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