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Hotels and travel facilities in the city of Medan North Sumatra, Berastagi mountain resort, Parapat crater town, Bukit Tinggi and Padang city. North Sumatra especially well known for its beauty of Lake Toba and natural heritages of Orangutans and Sumatran tiger. Medan as the center of business in North Sumatra has been developing as the third biggest city in Indonesia provides excellent travel facilities from non star hotels medium class hotels, and deluxe hotels. Medan itself is a historic city where the first big plantation estates were built at the turn of 19th century, and its sea port developped as the most bussiest port on West Indonesia due to its setrategic location between Jakarta, Singapore and Malaysia. In the paceof the business development, Medan become very important city with its sea port in North West Indonesia with its cosmopolitant character of the city.

Indonesia Archipelago a country consists of more then 13.000 islands, and 2 million wide of land and 5 million including sea.
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West Sumatra An ethnic group of West Sumatra with unique culture as opposed to the Batak of North Sumatra
Mentawai Island Mentawai is a name of a group of island on West Sumatra settled by a group of people supposed originated from Batak descendants
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Antares Indonesia Hotel US$ 55/r/n Sisingamangaraja road Medan
Asean International Hotel US$ 60/r/n Jalan Adam Malik Medan City
Emerald Garden International Hotel has 158 guest rooms from Superior Rooms to our Executive Suites with modern comfort hotel room style are equipped with Mini bar, Safe Deposit, IDD Call and more facilities for the guests in the hotel
Garuda Citra Hotel US$ 30 /r/n Jl. Sisingamangaraja Central Medan city
Garuda Plaza Hotel US$ 43/r/n Jl. Sisingamangaraja Central Medan city
Grand Angkasa Hotel US$ 77/r/n Jl. Sutomo Central Medan City
Inna Dharma Deli Medan has 180 rooms Jl. Balai Kota Central city
Mikie Holiday Resort US$ 70/r/n Jl. Medan to Berastagi
Pusako Bukittinggi US$ 60/r/n Jl. Soekarno-Hatta Bukittinggi city
Medan Metro Hotel US$ 65/r/n Jl. Sisingamangaraja Medan City
Semarak Hotel US$ 65/r/n Jl. Sisingamangaraja Medan central city
Soechi International Hotel US$ 70/r/n Jl. Cirebon Medan city
Tiara Hotel US$ 70/r/n Jl. Cut Mutiah central city Medan
Travellers Suites US$ 100/r/n Jl. Listrik central Medan city

Patra Jasa Parapat US$ 30/r/n Kota Parapat Danau Toba Beach
Inna Hotel Parapat

Sibayak Resort Hotel US$ 55/r/n Berastagi town North Sumatra
Sinabung Resort Hotel US$ 55/r/n Berastagi town North Sumatra

Nuansa Maninjau Hotel US$ 70/r/n Embun Pagi Natur Nudik
The Hills Bukittinggi Hotel has 100 rooms including suite are fully equipped
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Jakarta the Capital city
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North Sumatra is one of the richest province in Indonesia because of its flora and fauna. The land of North Sumatra has thick virgin forests, lush vegetation, rice fields, mountain streams, rivers, water falls and white sandy beaches. Many kind of fauna can be found in North Sumatra such as birds, butterflies, reptiles, buffaloes, Sumatra tigers, deer, orangutan and others animal species. North Sumatra also well known for its beautiful tropical panoramas, terraced rice fields, blue mountains, jungle covered hills, white sandy beaches, music, dance and folk arts. North Sumatra inhabited by some major tribes such as Malays, Bataks (Simalungun, Pak-Pak Dairi, Karonese, Mandailing, Angkolas), Nias Tribe, and several ethnic groups who live in Medan and other towns of North Sumatra. The largest groups are Chinese, Indian and other Indonesian tribe like Acehnese Minagkabau. The capital city of North Sumatra is Medan. Medan has one International habrour called Belawan and one International Airport called Polonia Medan. Places of interest in North Sumatra : Crocodile farm is the largest one in Indonesia. You can see crocodile eggs are hatched here and then reared somewhere else. This farm is located at Asam Kumbang around 5 km from the heart of Medan city and has over than 2.000 crocodile of the different kinds. Bohorok is the place for the adventurous who wants to see the orangutans. Bohorok area lies souith of the mount Leuser National park, a rehabilitation center for orangutans, which was inaugurated in 1973. Orangutans living here are Sumatra and Kalimantan origin. Last year there is big flood destroyed Bohorok. Great Bukit Barisan Forest park located around 59km from Medan exactly at Tongkah village in district of Karo highlands. Berastagi is a tourist town located in karo highlands. Berastagi is around 66 km southwest of Medan and well known for its kinds of flowers, vegetables and fruits. Many hotels can be found here with its clear view of Mt. Sibayak and Mt. Sinabung from Gundaling hill. Lingga Village is around 15km from Berastagi is one of unique Batak karo village where traditional houses are still well-preserves and inhabited today. Five to six families live in each house, separated by any pertition and each family have their own stoves. Sipiso-Piso waterfalls and Tongging is the best view of waterfall surounded by beautiful sights in cool mountain air, around 24 km from Kabanjahe in the Northside of Lake Toba. Rumah Bolon isthe long house that belong to king Simalungun and has been restored and redesigned into a museum. Lake Toba - Parapat. Size of Lake Toba around 50 miles long and 16 miles a cross and depth 1.400 feet. On the shore of Lake Toba is Parapat town as the main tourist resort. Parapat is around 176 km from Medan and can be reached in 4 hours drive by car. many hotels available in Parapat for resting or holidays. Samosir Island is the island in the middle of Lake Toba, covering an area of 329 square miles. Samosir island can be reached in half an hour by boat from Parapat. Samosir island is the orginal home of Toba Batak tribe. There are 4 villages are recommended to be visited : Tomok, Tuk-Tuk, Siallagan, and Ambarita becuase of its houses and local traditional dances. Janggala is one of the native located in the hills. At Jenggala village there are king Tambun and King Manurung Monuments, traditional Batak houses, cultural and other historical remains left by Batak kings centuries ago. Pematang Siantar is the second largest city, 128 km to the south of Medan and rich with rubber, cocoa, palm oil, tobacco and tea plantations. Nias island lies off west Sumatra in the Indian ocean. Nias people is well known because of performance of traditional war-dances and thrilling high-jump sports.
Lake Toba, On the shore of Lake Toba lies the town of Parapat as the main tourist resort. Lake Toba is approximate 50 miles long and 16 miles across with a depth of about 1.400 feet and consider as the largest lake in Southeast Asia and once created by an big eruption less than 100.000 years ago. Lake Toba is located at an altitude of 906 meters above sea level. Parapat on the shore of Lake Toba can be reached in 4 hours by car from Medan or about 176 km from Medan city. Many recreational sports available in Parapat such as swimming, water skiing, motor boating, canoing, fishing. As the tourist resort some international hotels has been built in Parapat such as Patra Jasa Hotel Parapat, Nataour Hotel Parapat, Niagara Hotel Parapat and other small cottages or bungalows with affordable prices to suit visitors need during the trip to Parapat or Lake Toba. The climit in Parapat is cool and dry that make Parapat as an ideal place to relax. Parapat inhabited by Batak Toba and Batak Simalungun tribes and arehappy and easy going people and are known for their lively and sentimental love songs. Batak Toba live on the western side of Lake Toba and Batak Simalungun live on the eastern side of Lake Toba. Batak Simalungun have had more influences from Malayu and other peoples than the Batak Toba people. In the center of Lake Toba, there is small island called Samosir island covering an area of 329 square miles. Samosir island is the original home of the fiercest but kind hearted Toba Batak. Samosir island can be reached within a half an hour by boat from Parapat. There are 2 main ferry jetty points on Samosir island are Tomok a traditional village with beautiful houses a stone tombs and houses, and Tuktuk where the island have many hotels and restaurants. Tomok famous for years now as the gateway to Samosir island, the visitors are greeted by rows of stalls selling a bewildering array of Batak calendar and traditional Batak musical instruments. In Tomok village you can find the ancient royal stone tomb of the Sidabutar clan dynasty. Bodies were buried in the stone sarcophaguses under a large banyan tree. Around 4 km north of Tuktuk village is Ambarita an attractive village with ancient stone walls that were once topped with a thick pagar or fence of thorny bamboo. Inside are stone seats and modern statuary the work of the Siallagan clan some 54 years ago. Ambarita is also good base for treks a cross the island. Simanindo is a picturesque village and has some of the best traditional houses and here you can see the Raja Sidauruuk house and now become a museum. At this museum you can see cultural performances. Pangururan is the proper town on Samosir island and also the administrative center of Samosir island. When visiting Lake Toba don't forget to buy some souvenir such as Ulos weaving is common in many villages on the northwestern shore of Samosir island.
Berastagi is part of Karo Highlands
The regency of Karo highlands is located around 78 kilometers in south of Medan with Kabanjahe as the capital city. One of the most popular tourist destination in Karo highlands is Brastagi which is located 4.594 feet above sea level and surrounded by majestic mountains ranges with greenery rain forest. The trip to Brastagi from Medan past the Sibolangit Botanical Reserve and the scouts camping grounds before coming through Karo Highlands. From the market town Brastagi you can view clearly Mt. Sibayak 2.094 M and Mt. Sinabung 2.451M. To hike up Mt. Sibayak you can reach the peak within 3 hours magnificent view of lowlands. There is another 3-4 hours jungle trek to see the rich vegetation and wide variety of butterflies in the nearby jungle. Brastagi town well known as the marquisa or passion fruits but also famous as the are produces many kind of vegetables, fruits and flowers. There are 2 special events held annually in Brastagi, they are Pesta Buah or Fruit Festival and the Cultural Festival or Pesta Majuah-Juah. There is old colonial style hotel called Bukit Kubu with a delightful golf course, tennis courts and beautiful flower garden. In colonial era European planters spend relaxing weekends here nowadays and their hotel is visited regularly by European tourists. Lingga village is located about 15km from Brastagi lies on 1.200m above sea level. Lingga village is a unique Karo Batak traditional village where adat houses reputed to be 250 years old, are still well preserved and inhabited by five or six families live in each house, un separated by any partition but each with their own family stoves. Around 24 km south of Kabanjahe toward Lake toward Lake Toba, you can find beautiful water fall called Sepiso-piso waterfall. Falling in to a gorge from a height of 360 feet before in before flowing in to lake Toba. This is the best place to view Lake Toba.
Bohorok; The most interesting in North Sumatera is the habitat of Orangutans at Bohorok the area of Mount Leuser National Park, here the rehabilitation centers of the Orangutans is being managed for years already and got the attetion of the whole world as to how to preserve this primates which habitat in the world only 3 such as Africa, Borneo island and North Sumatera. The rehabilitation centers in Bohorok or Bukit Lawang is now ready to be visited after devastated by the flood in March 2005. The habitat of Orangutans in Indonesia are two places, one is at Camp Leaky, Tanjung Puting National Park in Borneo island and North Sumatera, Bohorok at Gunung Leuser National park. Outside Bali there is an habitat in Africa. So in the world there are only 3 habitat of the Orangutans until now being known. The environment of Orangutans in Mount Leuser or Bohorok is a bit in trouble due to the illegal cutting of the woods which is known so far at the illegal lodging. Thanks to the Non Government Organization who always take care of the conditon of Orangutans especially what happened in Bohorok and Camp Leaky. This NGOs are not only at home but a great contribution come from many countries. This concern would help the continuation Orangutans existence which is one of the great blessing of the gods.