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Bandung city today is only 2 hours drive from Jakarta city through new fast way called Cikampek Toll. As well as Jakarta Bandung is also a popular destination for holiday for the people from Jakarta and south east Asia. This is due to the character of the city which is located on the high latitude making the atmosphere is not too hot, yet not to cold during the night. Bandung offers various hotels from cheap and budget hotels to five star hotels. As one of big cities on the island of Java it has various business activities, especially well known for the Jean center and the industry of air craft. Garment industry in general is also well known with its low price and standard quality. The shopping center known as factory outlets are so popular not only for local people or Indonesian, but also for Malaysian and Singaporean. With the fast development of the city the construction of hotels are also undergo fast addition, so you can find non star hotels, medium category hotels and deluxe hotels.

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Karang Setra Hotel is one of nice hotel with a simple design close to the nature of Bandung with reasonable rate US$ 68.00/room/night
Kedaton Hotel Bandung is located in the heart of the business area of Bandung. It takes 5 minutes from the railway station, 15 minutes from Husen Sastranegara Airport price US$ 58.00/rm/nt
Nelendra Hotel Bandung is only 3 hours from Jakarta by road, only 15 minutes by car from the domestic Airport Husein Sastranegara and 10 minutes from the Railway Station price US$ 60.00/rm/nt.
Panorama Lembang Hotel sets on lush tropical garden on Jl. Raya Tangkuban Perahu No. 29 Lembang, Bandung. The Panorama Lembang Hotel facing to the mountain and green senery suitable for refreshing your mind after feeling headach price US$ 58.00/rm/nt
Patra Jasa Bandung a two star standard property offering both short and long stay accommodation in the heart of Bandung City West Java Indonesia price : US$ 50.00/rm/nt
Perdana Wisata Hotel is located in the heart of Bandung , making it easier for you to travel, or if you just want to relax in our hotel, we also provide many facilities to make price US$ 60.00/rm/nt
Permata Bidakara Hotel a three star deluxe hotel offering both short and long stay accommodation in the heart of Bandung City West Java Indonesia price US$ 50.00/rm/nt.
Royal Dago Hotel is one of small hotel located close to the ITB Bandung and University of Padjajaran only US$ 40.00/rm/night
Sukajadi Hotel sets in lush tropical garden of Bandung city offer excellent rate only at US$ 55.00/room/night
Trio Hotel Bandung is conveninetly located in the heart of the business area of Bandung. Merely minutes away from airport, train station and business center, entertainment
Topas Gallery Bandung is located at the gateway of "the Garden City of Bandung". It's easy to reach, just 500 meter from the Pasteur toll gate at the right hand side, roughly 5 minutes from the City Local Airport price US$ 65.00/rm/nt.

There are some more budget hotels in the city of Bandung and we could supply the information upon request, since such type of hotel do not have long term rate validity. So to find a real budget hotel need to check upon the time of request.
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Below list selected budget and cheap hotels in some big cities of Indonesia. The selected list only give an idea, yet real choice are available on request.

Jakarta the Capital city
Bandung West Java
Yogyakarta Special District
Surabaya Port City
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Interesting Places in Bandung and speaking about program of tours to West Java there is not much to say, except small heritages from Moslem kingdom, plantations, national parks, and indeed in the big cities such as Jakarta, and Bandung more noticeable is the industry. Tours on West Java is divided into 2 area of Tours, one in Jakarta area and second are program of Tours in Bandung including West Java. Before the year of 2000 West Java covers an area of 46.229 sq. kms less Jakarta special province, and according to the census in 1990 has 40 million people. West Java is the second most densely populated area after East Java. West Java is also the first area of Java island that has been recorded in Indonesian history. An inscribed stone from 450 AD mentions the king Purnawarman as the manifestation of god Wisnu, and also the finding of Wishnu sculpture at Cibuaya village West Java. Hindu kingdom continues until around 16th century before it was topled over by Islamic group from the town of Demak whcih was most probable the first town to change themselves into new and easier sorga promising religion opposed to the Hindu that was only palace property and only sorting out rituals for common people with no logical basis.

The heritages from Hindu kingdom was nothing left, unlike Central Java and Yogyakarta. Yet Bandung has its own interesting places such as Tangkuban Perahu crater which is related to the myth of oedipus of Sangkuriang, and beautiful hotspring of Ciater. In the city of Bandung and surround is the famous productionof tea that was initiated by Ducth colony and still continues until today. Within the city is popular the production of Jean and fabric in general, semi machine production such as footwares, leather crafts and a unique bamboo music called Saung Angklung.