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Find more budget plan accoomodation in Surabaya City? There are some cheap or budget hotels in the city even very cheap hotels. But for an extrem cheap hotels we are not suggesting foreign travellers to stay in such a hotel due to the safety and security considerations. Surabaya Port City the capital city of East Java is the second biggest city in Indonesia, just after Jakarta with the population more then 3 millions this year. Surabaya develops as the hub of sea trade between west and east Indonesia from the immemorial times, and developed fast during the turn of 20th century and become the hub of all sea traffic especially for the goods and passengers traffic. Starting the independence of Indonesia the development even more faster as the port has became international traffic stop, and most of the cargo shipment from east Indonesia loaded in Surabaya and direct shipment to various contries in the world. Although Surabaya is not basically a tourist destination, but the exploration of various interesting places in East Java such as in the area of Banyuwangi, Malang, and Jember made Surabaya as the center of hotel industry. Varous type of hotels from the most budget or cheap hotels are available in the city. The development of hotels in Surabaya also encouraged by the fact that businessmen need accommodation for their business trip on the city.

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Cendana Hotel Surabaya US$ 43/r/n 91 rooms have down-to-earth furnishings with the necessary amenities; there is also an additional security feature from its unique door locks
Elmi Hotel Surabaya US$ 45/r/n 140 rooms, from standard to Suite providing excellent and complete facilities. All rooms at Elmi Hotel equipped with Air conditioned rooms, Coffee/Tea making facility
Equator Hotel Surabaya US$ 47/r/n 114 bungalow type accommodations, consisting of : 54 Superior Suites, 54 Deluxe Suites and 6 Equator Suites and more
Grand Kalimas Hotel US$ 50/r/n urrounded by historical places of Ampel Village , the Great Mosque of Ampel, the center trading a long Kembang Jepun, Jembatan Merah, Pasar Turi and Atum
Hilton Surabaya US$ 75/r/n 20 rooms all at ground level, consisting of 40 deluxe king room, 40 deluxe twin rooms, 40 suites
Inna Simpang Hotel US$ 46/r/n 120 rooms categorized into five types of rooms : 4 Suite rooms, 22 Deluxe rooms, 22 Superior rooms, 22 Moderate rooms and 50 Standard rooms
Margo Utomo Resort US$ 45/r/n Located at Kalibaru lodging for those who are joining Java overland tour, or visit a plantation around Kalibaru or Glenmore for East Java Plantation estate
Sahid Surabaya Hotel US$ 45/r/n 144 Standard rooms, 29 Deluxe rooms, 8 Business Suite, 18 Executive Suite

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Below list selected budget and cheap hotels in some big cities of Indonesia. The selected list only give an idea, yet real choice are available on request.

Jakarta the Capital city
Bandung West Java
Yogyakarta Special District
Surabaya Port City
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Java Island, especially East Java has rich national parks preserved from ancient times. These national parks of East Java is well known until today, and the only hope of the people of East Java to preserve their natural heritages such as : Baluran National Park Baluran National Park is located in east Java province, exactly at Banyuwangi regency. Baluran national Park is a wild game preserve and occupies about 25.000 hectares of open savannah, forests, and hill country to the north of Banyuwangi. The park is a haven for a great variety of native animals and bird species. Visitors to Baluran National Park can observe the animals in their native habitat from a specially constructed tower, which also offers a commanding view of Madura straits to the north and the Ijen plateau in the southwest. The biodiversity of Baluran National Park has many useful purposes and plays many important roles for human kind so that its existence should be wisely conserved and managed. The beautifully and uniqueness of this biodiversity would enrich our life and provide many attractive objects for research and tourism purposes. Besides the existences of many species of floras and attractive mammals, you could also enjoy the sound of bird singing. Baluran National Park can be easily reached from Bali, just crossing straits of Bali by Ferry (30 minutes crossing) than continued by car within 2.5 hours drive to Baluran National Park location. See more