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Phuket, is the largest island of Thailand located on the west coast of south Thailand around 862 kms South of Bangkok. The islands group around Phuket is often referred as the pearl of Andaman or the south. It's natural attractions are rocky peninsular, lime stones cliffs, white powdering beach, tranquil broad bays and tropical in-land forest have been contributing the most busiest south Thailand and the wealthiest land on the south. Covers an area of 590 sq. km with 39 islands, Phuket is one of the most sought tropical paradise. Various tourist facilities such as from first class hotels, medium class hotels, and deluxe hotels are available. The island is connected by 2 bridges to the mainland giving a beautiful panorama during traveling from and to the islands.

Other term for Phuket is the gem of the Andaman Sea as it has golden-sand beaches, crystal clear blue water and the coral reefs with great variation of marine life. Encircling Phuket island are 39 smaller islands, in close distance to visit within a day by cruise or motorized boats. With its beautiful water Phuket is a Paradise for for scuba diving, snorkelling and sun bathing. A new learner divers can enjoy a variety of underwater panorama under the guidance of professional guides all the year with water temperature amplitude between 30 to 28 degrees centigrade. Interesting places on the land are also various can be choosen from brathaking views of high mountain peaks accented by limestone and lush green jungles. There are also a number of beautiful waterfalls, parks and nature reserves for the outdoor explorer. Butterflies, tropical fish and orchids can also be enjoyed at the local farms and aquariums, while cultural and architectural attractions include Buddhist Temples and Nineteenth Century mansions.

Bangkok is a modern vibrant and fast developing city and as one of the Asia's most thriving metropolis of Asia. As the capital city of Thai kingdom or modern Thailand Bangkok has everything for travelers. With it's 400 glittering Buddhist temples, Bangkok offers great beauty and fascination, traditional ways of life especially what is called " Venice of the East" timeless canals, and Chao Phraya river winding the city with it's markets. There are dozens of interesting places in the city, offers tremendous traveling facilities of Thailand cultural and modern entertainment, from first class hotels, medium class hotels up to super deluxe hotels. Chiang Mai, means laterally new city, although it was founded in 12 April 1296 as the center of Sukhothai kingdom of Thailand known as thousand of rice fields by king Meng Rai. The area was ever controlled by Burmese which left traditional architecture that can still be seen until today. As the center of Thai culture on the northern Thailand, Chiang Mai nests on 310 meters above sea level around 700 kms from Bangkok among beautiful mountains and temples and bordering with Burma. The development of tourist facilities has been tremendous such as various type of hotels, restaurants, and recreations based on the natural beauty of the area. Pattaya is known as the paradise of tourist, located on the southern of Thailand, around 170 kms south of Bangkok. The main interest has been the beach, and government has been making everything imagined by a tourist for Pattaya such as recreation, entertainment, sport, sightseeing and fun. Hua Hin is the first Thailand beach resort known for it's golf and spa. The location is 281 km south of Bangkok, of south Thailand, clean white sand, crystal clear water, and tranquil atmosphere are still the nature of Hua Hin. with the establishment of Summer Palace of king Rama VII and Railway Hotel, Hua Hin has become one of the most high class Thailand tourism destination. See more.

Kanchanaburi located 125 kms west of Bangkok is one of the most well known tourism destination of Thailand which is bordering with Burma with the area consist of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, high land plains, wild lifes and other natural beauties of Thailand. Kanchanaburi Thailand is recorded as the biggest recipient of tourist arrival in West Thailand. Koh Samui, located 700 kms south of Bangkok, or south Thailand is the third biggest islands of Thailand after Phuket and Ko Chang. The island is surrounded by 48 small islands which is known as coconut island and the most popular attraction in Thailand. Various hotels are available in the island with fascinating facilities. Kanchanaburi tours to the jungle and mountain Buddhist temple tour program 2 days 1 night Nortern Thailand tour visiting New Ways Bhiksu. Phuket, is the largest island of Thailand located on the west coast of south Thailand around 862 kms south of Bangkok. Thailand is one of the most developing countries in South East Asia in relation of tourism service. Many tour operators offers reservation for hotels tours adventures and various travel activities in Thailand. Cities such as Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Phuket, and others have considerable tourism facilities also offering hotels, tour organization, sea recreations, adventure trekking. Hotel reservation or tour organization also offered through internet.

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