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For some people speaking about sex excitement is more then any other interesting topic, but not in the public area as the subject of education. Writer believe that sex until today what are most nations consider too private and is not ethical way to discuss in the public as the subject of education nor as the enlightement of health. No exception about perception of sex in Bali, when the chance of free sex attitude of some people has been influenced the island. Although the fact that those practicing free sex are of outside Bali who have blinded certain Balinese men Since our knowledge about social aspect of Bali sex is not only pleasurable relation, but also a sacred duty of mankind to keep the order of the society it would be a great difficulty to open it to public. This thought is proved by strict institutionalization of this relation between men and women, introduction of various ethic relating to the concept of securing the relation between wife-husband with the whole system of society.

Basically Balinese tradition on sex fulfillment is based on monogamy, furthermore with the influence of Hindu and buddhist this tradition has been strengthened except disclosed in the history that the king practiced polygamy or even a rather un ethical sex. The attitude of the king inspired small number of Balinese men to practice polygamy in the past. since the independence of Indonesia, and the king has no power anymore, the practice of polygamy in Bali totally disappeared. The knowledge about sex itself is the source of deviant in the sex life of Balinese, the thought that only the men that enjoy the relation, while women are only mediator to achieve this was the main reason of sex deviation from the tradition, and disloyalty to partner. Other cause was a myth, very rare unless one having abnormality mentally, that the more he sleeps with women the more he got magic power, but this type of deviation is not found in Bali anymore.

Until this era for Balinese, legal and ethical sex which is expected by every one is after marriage, and sex outside marriage is considered taboo, It seems that among well educated people sex is considered not only as procreation means, but also as recreation strictly limited by institution, although it is not totally denied that small number of people might practice sex before legally married or doing with hawkers. The problem of sex hawkers already appear in bali such as increasing number of HIV risky people. Local government still does not yet take accountable measures relating to sex hookers in Bali as it is not supported by religious leaders and society's informal leaders. they put a reason that by acknowledging that prostitution is exist, then the religion will be molested.

It is hard to understand although Indonesian constitution prohibits prostitution, yet an institution to control it does not exist, while the practice can not be nihilated. This is the dilemma between religious thought and the effort to guard the healthy of the society. These are already discussions and statements from both government people and informal leaders whose knowledge is believed to have surpassing the rest of the so-called leaders in the formal and informal. Every where in the world people already realized that some of deadly disease are transmitted through sex relation.

The situation of Balinese would be more complicated as it's traditional wisdom has been influenced in some aspects by this new life style which also acknowledged by formal or informal leaders. Every one puts a great hope that Bali would not be a field of deadly disease such s HIV or other sex transmitted disease. Beside some irresponsible persons have slendered Balinese girls and women of being sex demonstrative by using SMS distribution or internet provocation by cropping parts of image or given only the title yet using prostitutes to publish it on the internet.

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