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Bali offers great diversity of interesting places to visit, from nature beauty, art, architecture, ritual, and formost is the hospitable character of the people. Dozens of different places can be explored without boring. A sightseeing packages of 4 days would not be enough to explore all of the interesting places. The tradition of Hindu and Buddhist have mixed and creating unique culture activities such as the construction of hundreds of temples, various dances, music, and colorful rituals. All of these aspects of Bali can be seen through well planned tour packages. Worth to mention also are newly created interests such as water theme recreation or sports, animal parks, various type of rejuvening massage and spa, up to theree dimensional pictures giving effect of life ilusion.
culture tour Not less interesting are soft adventures such as white water rafting, see Bali by horse riding, biking, elephant riding, and others. For the idea of cultural and natural interest of Bali, a short descriptions for travel packages.

Great Diversity of Ethnic Interests

Adventure Indonesia Archipelago it is a country consists of more then 13.000 islands and 2 million sq km wide of land and 5 million sq km including sea. A country with more then 250 local langage dialects and many etnic groups with its beautiful tradition and nature. This super vast area offers so many interesting places from nature extreme beauties, ethnic tradition, under water world, unique endemic animals and historic monuments from Hindu heritages and Moslem era. Names such as Jogyakarta with Borobudur and Prambanan hitoric great monuments, unique tradition of Toraja, Dayak traditional culture, the Sasak t ethnic culture, and others. Visit some short description on ethnic pecularities which can be visited through travel packages.

Java Island

Java - Bali Unique Places Through Tour Packages

The richest ethnic interest with more developping art are Java and Bali. Java especally Jogyakarta as the center of Javanese culture. Travelers can see 1400 years old Buddhist and Hindu remains such as Borobudur, Prambanan, and many smaller temples. Living culture also unique still reflects the influence of old age although has been basically Moslem since 1700 AD. That is the main interest of Java. Travelers can also see the palce of Sultan reflecting original art of Java mixed with influence of Hindu and Islam which family line of the royal heirs preserve the tradition until today. There are interesting travel packages can be choosen from 2 days up to 4 days to explore the history and culture of this center of Javanese culture.

Garis Bali

Choices of stay in Bali at various destinations from budget class to deluxe class accommodation. Depending on the seasons, available a big discounted rates.
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